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VISITOR'S MAP AS AT 20/03/2009

VISITOR'S MAP AS AT 20/03/2009




By Tambanavo Chamanyawi


The inclusive government of Zimbabwe is turning into a circus. The idea is very noble, but the architects are slowly changing direction and in the process, compromising the objectives of the compromise.

Do we honestly need 52 ministers, a small country like Zimbabwe? What for? What exactly are they doing? What are the job descriptions of this bloated government ministers?

We hear that some ministers have neither work places not stuff members nor office equipment. What are they doing? Do were need to fork out money to create work-places for them where they would pretend to be working?

These ministers are just walking in the streets without offices or duties. They are just floating around in their party and government corridors with a lot of power on paper but doing nothing except taking congratulatory hand-shakes. They are also attending endless strategic meeting, but doing practically nothing to redeem the sinking Zimbabwe.

A-ah vakomana! Kungotsvaga mutauro, kuti mungozofamba muchiti vananhingi vanotaurisa.

Our number one priority is cutting down on unnecessary expenditure, but these guys come up with the largest cabinet in human history.

Some of the things which are manifesting are honestly expected at Sunday Schools if not at Kindergartens. Zanu PF pitched up with 22 ministers instead of 15. They muscled in eight and in-exchange MDC was rewarded with others for letting in Zanu PF's extras.

Even a class monitor position cannot be snatched this easily even at a rural primary school. We are told other got wind of the venue and time of the swearing in and just turned up neither invited nor appointed. Guess what happened to them? They walked away as ministers, complete with their Mercedes Benz allocations, security details and unlimited vouchers. Asi chinyi nhai?

Like kittens being pulled out of a soup bowl whilst still sucking, Zanu PF had to drag out some of its zealots from the swearing in parade, much to the surprise of South Africa president, Kgalema Motlanthe. Zanu PF chairman, John Nkomo is one of those who were asked to excuse themselves from the swearing in drama. The chucked-out lot had to take refuge in the State House to serve themselves from embarrassment.

They had brought their families and friends, only to be shown the door in front of rotating media camera lenses. Imagine!

Some ministries are a fallacy. Can anyone explain to the nation the duties of the Minister of national Integration, Priscilla Misihairahwi? Would she be harmonising different factions in MDC, Zanu PF or Zimbabweans as whole? Do we need a ministry just to remind citizens of Zimbabwe not to fight among themselves?

Workshops administered by the civic society would have done the trick than spending non-existent money paying a Minister and her Staff members for being in office, doing nothing, zero and zilch.

We all understand the spirit of compromising for the benefit of the country, but what do we gain by compromising the objectives of a compromise? Nothing, zero, zilch.

What about the deputy ministers which are flocking from everywhere? De we really need them? They are deputing what?

Where would we get the money to sponsor the extravagant ministerial life styles? For heaven's sake where will we money to purchase 104 Mercedes Benz (Compressors), whilst the whole nation is starving. Trust me never expect these politicians to forgo those luxuries. They will go ahead and buy the sexy and powerful German-made sedans, well before paying civil servants US$100 a month. They would not even shy away from demanding another Nissan Narvara 4x4 for use in their rural homes. I am neither an alarmist not a prophet of doom, but a realist.


On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 5:47 PM, Paul Rumema Chimhosva wrote:

Hi All

I am not sure I know who Tambanavo Chamanyawi is but I do like what he/she writes sometimes. I just have one issue though. In one of the articles Tsvangirai is hailed as the Mandela of Zimbabwe. I have nothing against Morgan but I really think that this comparison is an insult to both Morgan and Mandela. I am dead sure Morgan is clever enough to know that he cannot in any stretch of the imagination compare himself to Mandela. Morgan and the MDC are consistently contradicting themselves to the extend that independents like myself have wondered who really is in charge of the MDC. Roy Bennett says there should be no aid to Zimbabwe until some obscure political target is achieved and the same week Morgan, Nelson and Coltart are having donor meetings begging for aid. You hear Biti trying the impossible, combining Monetary and Fiscal Policy duties for himself! These two require the art of counter-checking each other and anyone who knows anything about finance would know that you do not house these two together. For the MDC to accept 71 Ministers and the accompanying 104 WaBenzis and Navaras to boot is to insult the electorate. I asked anyone I know to vote the MDC but I really think its time for a genuine opposition and let Zanu PF and MDC get really married. THE MDC supported Majongwe when the teachers union was demanding US$2500 per month and demonstrating against the Zanu PF dictatorship. Now that the MDC is part of the gravy train they say Majongwe's demands are excessive. Someone has got start holding the MDC accountable for what they say and do. This exactly what led Mugabe to think he can do whatever he pleases with our country.

I admire Morgan's work but to be a Mandela to to Zimbabwe: NO he can't and he is not that capable and he knows it himself!

The Zimbabwean citizenry must take back their country. The idea that some leader is bigger than the country should never happen again. I will get into opposition if only to keep people accountable.

This whole foreign currency gimmick is being done in the name of the people but we all know that MDC leadership could not fathom the idea of Z$ for a salary after the luxury of donor funding in hard currency. If it is truly for the people then please tell that all cabinet ministers will earn in local currency and allow the people to earn in forex. It is called abusing the name of the people for the benefit of the fat cats "Nherera inoguta musi wafa mai".

I like the articles but I think their is too much eulogising of the MDC. I have nothing against the MDC but I am not going to blindly accept them as angels.....

This is my two cents.......



I understand your point. Very valid. But I don't think there is a debate here. No-one ever said Morgan Tsvangirai is like Nelson Mandela. I believe one should understand and comprehend the context of the arcticle. I said Morgan is to Zimbabwe what Mandela is to South Africa. What I simply meant is that Morgan is loved, trusted and fancied by Zimbabweans in as much as Mandela is done the same by South Africans. At any given moment, Morgan would win elections in Zimbabwe thunderously just like Mandela. This is not speculation, but facts. This might change, but as I write Morgan is fancied by Zimbabweans. If a comparison is made it does not have to be identical. It does not mean that Morgan has to be joailed for 27 years in order to be compared to Mandela. Just like Morgan Mandela has flaws as well as an individual.
About Morgan, Chamisa and Coltart going on a begging spree, I beg to be different. I think Zimbabweans we have been battered too much to an extent that we have become so generous with criticism. These guys are genuinely approaching other stake holders to try and salvage a situation which was created by Zanu PF. Morgan actually begged teachers to accept the little being offered for the sake of our children. Children cannot continue to take punches for sins committed by Zanu PF. Zanu PF messed up and morgan is saying passing the buck to children is not enough. Let us try to build our country again at what ever cost and with maximum sacrifice. I am surprised that Chimhosva expect Morgan to encourage teachers to continue boycotting their duties.

Paul's attack on ministerial packages is shocking. Does Pual expect ministers to go to work on foot? These noise about ministerial Mercedes Benz is primitive. These vehicles are not as expensive as we are being made to believe. Paul knows this. He once drove a blue one, od course not from the tax payer's money. Do you guys expect our ministers to drive Datsun 120ys?
Of course the size of the cabinet is unjustified. We can't have ministers without job discriptions, offices and office equipment.

Thanks paul for your cotribution.

Tambanavo Chamanyawi

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 10:54 AM, Marcus Mushonga wrote:

Zimbabwe is for us all!

Surely, surely, what destroyed Zimbabwe yesterday was the politics of patronage. So is MDC, if not careful, history will once again repeat itself on MDC's way of governance as already witnessed.

From both the academic point of view and that of making Zimbabwe return to its rightful position as the breadbasket of southern Africa, I think Chimhosva's case holds water and is 100 percent correct.

From my close observation, MDC does not want to be criticised in any form. What MDC did whilst in the political wilderness is still happening forgeting that they are now a government. The old politics of blaming for MDC should definitely come to an end and face the reality that they are the government to be criticised, provided they do not deliver.

Worse still, MDC is now in the inclusive government and they are still behaving as a pressure group. One would ask, pressurising who? MDC is governing Zimbabwe, and they should be criticised left, right and centre just like any other office bearers working in the public office, so is Zanu (PF) and the Arthur Mutambara faction. This politics of patronage does not pay, but creates hate, division and self-destruction economically.

Zimbabwe will only have problems when political leadership looks at national issues from a political party point of view. If not careful, MDC will be repeating what Zanu (PF) did during the donkey years when in reign.

Well, I will make my full contribution late in the afternoon, but the fact remains that Zimbabwe needs nationalists with practical economic solutions and social polices that would change our country's outlook.

I have dropped these three paragraphs because of the critical points raised by Chimhosva. Chimhosva has raised very important points which I believe Zimbabweans from all walks of life would agree with if we are to move forward. Criticism is health, and this is the culture we would like to promote in our country if we are to be torchbearers of democracy in Africa.

As for MDC, by virtue of being in the inclusive ghovernment, they should be scrutinised, criticised and condemned whenever make policies that are favourable to the nation.

If MDC are not ready to be criticised, then they should move out of the inclusive government and continue criticising and demonstrating for the rule of law, democracy, free and fair election from a distance.


On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 9:48 AM, Paul Rumema Chimhosva wrote:


I stand my ground on this issue. No one advocates for Ministers having to go to work on foot. A brand new compressor has capital cost of up to R500K (R150 million in total and 3800 people cholera dead) and I am saying that there are cars much cheaper than this that can do the job. That is the problem with Zimbabwean politics. People enter politics to become rich and it is just not acceptable.

As for me giving a different take on issues to MDC leadership, I believe I am actually rescuing the MDC from itself. It is never healthy nor helpful to surround yourself with people that agree with everything you do. That is why some of us make every effort to speak to people like you who would have no fear nor favour in opposing what I think.

The idea that Morgan is loved by the people Zimbabwe is bit of an exaggeration. Yes, Morgan will win an election anytime simply because the people of Zimbabwe have had it with the Mugabe regime. Just as much as you stated that Morgan will win, I would like to posit that currently the MDC can field pretty much anyone of their leaders and still thump Zanu PF. It is that simple. The myth that Morgan is MDC and MDC is Morgan must but blasted with contempt it deserves. We once told Mugabe is Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe is Mugabe and that nonsense must end. I would like to have an opportunity to listen to Morgan speaking about policy issues one day. The man is just plain barren when it comes to issues. This should never mean tertiary education. I think to dismiss people just because they do not have a tertiary education is just plain stupid. I just do not think that the MDC under Tsvangirai focuses on policy.

Let me tackle you on me driving a Mercedes Benz. I worked for this car, period. With MY money I can do what I think is fair to me. If a Minister uses his own salary to purchase a Ferrari, I do not have a problem with that. I have a problem with Ministers using tax-payers' money to reach for luxury that country cannot afford. That is my point. They must buy what the country can afford! If a Minister cannot manage his/her own finances to purchase a vehicle of his choice then he should not be trusted with public money. Why buy something with public money that you otherwise would not afford? It is wrong to be apologetic for looters.

If the idea is to make me ashamed that I have worked hard enough to afford a Jeep or a Mercedes then I think that is political bigotry.

Tambanavo Chamanyawi, do not patronise me by saying that I know that a Navara is cheap. We are talking hear of a R400000 car and 142 of them. This is just capital costs excluding the parking, driver, services and petrol which are all on the state. For a country that is begging this is not cheap at all SIR. Barack Obama has just asked for the acquisition of a new helicopter for the Air Force one fleet to be reviewed and this is from the leader of the world's biggest economy. We expect more sacrifice from leaders of a tattered economy like Zimbabwe.

The idea that our educational system should work is not debatable. That the MDC was supporting the teachers' union when they went on strike demanding an unreasonable US$2500 per month and then opposed the demands as soon as they were in government should be warning enough that just as Zanu PF, the MDC is a party of politicians and by nature should not be blindly trusted. I refuse to be blackmailed into blindly eulogising the MDC. Morgan, Coltart and Nelson were out begging whilst Roy Bennett was on 702 radio discouraging the very same donors! Mr Chamanyawi then wants to crucify me for pointing out that the MDC is at time like a ship without a captain.

That Biti is talking combining Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy and I get to point out that this sheer madness cannot be used an effort to rubbish the MDC. It is genuine constructive criticism and only those drunk on the illusion of self-grandeur will not take notice. Every developed country has an independent central bank driving monetary policy and fiscal policy drive public income and expenditure policy. There is nothing anti-MDC about this, I am just stating the obvious.

I have been in the trenches with a fair number of the MDC leadership therefore I do not feel limited in my capacity speak my mind for fear of being labeled counter-revolutionary.

The Zimbabwean citizenry must never allow a culture of entitlement again. One Zanu PF was enough and de-Zanufication is firmly on the agenda.



On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 11:39 AM, Tambanavo Chamanyawi wrote:


Asi chinyi nhai? I know for sure that there are people who are very gifted when ti comes to vituperative language. I am alive to the fact that by nature human being are critical. And this is health for democracy. Gudo kuipa kuipa zvaro asi haridyi chafa choga. Pamwe ipapowo ragona. Rumbidzai iwo. I am not sure if the MDC ministers have already acquired Merdeces Benzes for themselves as alleged by Paul. Are we just generous with attacks just for the sake of it or we are guided by facts. My last article was only warning MDC ministers against using tax payer's money for luxury items and I never at any point announced it as a fact that 104 sedans were bought for the ministers.
It is very easy for anyone with brains between his ears that you have a problem with Tsvangirai. Running away from a naked fact that Morgan 's candidature added more weight to MDC's race for the presidency of Zimbabwe is a negation of clear the truth.
The Zimbabwe electorate is so literate to an extent that they know how to seperated between the person and the party. Ko tinga svero enzanisa nyoka ne gavi iyo iripo. Kana zvirinyore kutorera Morgan ushe, torazve nhai Rumema. Hamuvudi?
Zanu PF is Mugabe. Zvino mungazviramba here izvozvo. Its painful to accept that but that is the truth. In actual fact, until recently, Zimbabwe was practical Mugabe's piece of property. It was once known and accepted as a reality that once you touch Mugabe, your stay in Zimbabwe becomes impossible and everything would come crumbling around you. Paul you know this and you were a victim.
At the moment, though unwritten, MDC is Tsvangirai. This is the pattern with most other political parties in Africa. Now as I write to you ANC is Zuma and Zuma is ANC. He is currently irreplaceable. With all his blunders, Zuma is still the confirmed ANC's presidential candidate.
Your arguements are very noble and very high sounding theoretical points.
Paul I acknowledged that you bought your benz using your own money you worked for.
I am yet to see a Mec with a damage of R500k. Narvaras are not R400 000 Paul. They are now way below R300 000.
Also note that deputy ministers are not entitled to Mecs.
Paul did you at any point expected Morgan to incite strikes by civil servants against a government which he is leading. O-oh please.
The fact that MDC leaders can publicly differ, is a manifestation of democracy.

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 12:20 PM, Paul Rumema Chimhosva wrote:


Mr Chamanyawi sound like someone who bases his arguments of facts. I advice you to visit and search for the Merc that has been prescribed by your government. The price is R500200.00 and the Navara price is R 388860.00.

Now you get your facts rights.

I have not said I want to replace Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai volunteered because he thought he was ready, I will also volunteer when I think I am ready and the people are ready to back my candidature. That is very simple SIR.

Lets get to your personal attacks. High sounding theoretical language, vituperative, generous attacks, anyone with little brains between his ears; now this is the type language that I find vindictive and a general display of very tender orientation to vigorous debate. If the idea of this platform was to create an opportunity to insult others with impunity then it was not a very noble idea.

That someone dares to disagree with Morgan Tsvangirai should never be translated to "not liking Tsvangirai". Everyone should be allowed to have his opinion.

Mr Tambanavo Chamanyawi I hate to break it to you but there is deep-seated tendency towards Zanu PF behave in you that you may need to one day cleanse.

It is not democracy to trade barbs in public. What is happening in the MDC is clear lack of internal democracy. If people cannot argue internal and reach common positions to take to the outside world: please don't give me the crap about democracy in the MDC. It is called confusion!!!!!

I stress again- I refuse to be harrassed by MDC or anyone else into being party zealot and I said if when I voluntarily enter the political arena you should know that the period of yes people will definitely be over.

You must do some research before you start commenting on prices of cars......and for your information read the attached article!



Chimhosva, I stand with you 100.1%

Golden. (



I would like to apologise to you all for sending an unedited article in my previous contribution attempts. I was also not aware that these correspondences will be published on the wider web.

Zimbabwe will be truly independent from hero-worshiping, arrogance, intolerance and the lack of will to engage in painful but gainful rigorous discourse in the not too distant future. I hold eternal hope for our beloved nation.

Next time!


From B Musonza

Lets all give peace a chance and refrain from making cheap pop shots. This is only a transitional arrangement and obviously it is bound to be costly and faulty in in many ways, but in the main, what we want as a nation is a new Constitutional order

A post-independence constitution we would all cherish and own up with pride and togetherness, separated only by our ideological beliefs albeit without being questioned, tortured or killed for it.

As much as Zanu PF and MDC unleash venom amongst each other in the GNU, us, as ordinary folks must not lose sight of the objective - New constitution.

Lets pray to God for the GNU to hold until we get through this phase; that's the only way the Executive can only have its power checked or curtailed (in its internal power contestation) in the run up to the new constitutional reform.

Zanu PF can no longer lead a constitutional reform because of its dodgy ways and Zanu PF will never allow MDC or NCA to influence things from outside, because of its paranoid caused mainly by its own propaganda.

The trivial of Tsvangirai-Mandela comparison and issues of expensive motors, their types, prices and models can only leave us in no man's land without getting to grips as to our responsibilities, as students, professionals, activists, farmer and ordinary folks.

As for those who dislike Tsvangirai for whatever reasons stretching from their hubris, to believing in the Zanu PF propaganda or whatever mistakes he has made, limited education etc, we've got to accept reality and admit the crucial role he and Mutambara are now playing to achieve the ultimate goal of obtaining a new constitutional order by diluting Robert Mugabe's power. Some of you might argue kuti RGM still has the usualy power and strength - but that is not the case, hence the hostilities going on right now.

Lets give peace a chance

Brighton Musonza (

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 2:58 PM, Paul Rumema Chimhosva wrote:

Hi Brighton

It is of great amusement to me that as much as you profess to dislike "cheap pop shots" your own articles is littered with the same!

I have NO dislike of either Mutambara or Morgan but if that is anyone's observation so be it, my conscience is clear. Disagreement and dislike are not polar opposites. What I have never accepted and will not accept in the future is the culture of unquestioning obedience. Citizen activism can be complimentary or critical, so if you sit in the high chairs of public service then you should expect both.

I have no time for euphoria for this arrangement. Yes, it has given us some breathing space but the agenda must be pursued full steam.

I suggest: It is not the new constitution that will bring us our goals but the quality of leadership that we as the followers will allow to implement whatever constitution.

I am prepared to make the following assertion: No matter what constitution you give to the current Zanu PF leadership they will still find a way to oppress the citizens of Zimbabwe!

Lets keep the debate going!!



The MDC must watch out that the crooks from Zanu PF do not keep them busy with donor errants whilst they are busy preparing to rig the elections again!!!

This is why I long suggested that some senior MDC leaders should have stayed out of government and carry on building the party!!

Watch Out!



Dear Bro Brighton

I thank you a million times for saying it all.

We need New Constitution now so that we know a plan for our next move.

Those who know Constitution making should start looking at NCA draft constitution and Kariba draft if we sit then someone will do something for us.Lets take the lead.

Yours In Constitution Making

Bongwi The Great ( February 2009)


By Tambanavo Chamanyawi (

A lethal verdict was slapped on school going age kids in Zimbabwe by Zanu PF. The ruling party which for years basked in the glory of providing quality education to every Zimbabwean has of late poisoned their impressive record.

What really went erroneous? Zanu PF's immoral guidelines saw the country's economy take a tail-spin, ditching every worker into abject poverty. Teachers were not spared. In reaction the educators stopped functioning, leaving kids to take the knock. This is very sad. This is against the 1980-1990s background where Zanu PF literally forced everyone to school, colleges and universities. My generation actually received modest pay-outs for being at a tertiary institution. The government also provided free accommodation, meals, and bed linen.

It was illegitimate in Zimbabwe to send a learner home for failing to pay school fees. At primary school no one ever talked about fees, except for a $10 building fund.

The Zanu PF government by then celebrated and promoted education at all costs. Now, all of a sudden they moved swiftly to switch-off that light which was the source of brightness to Zimbabwe. The question now is, Ko vakarasika papi?

Where did they go wrong?

Raising questions and piling demands alone is not enough. The issue which should pre-occupy everyone should be; Where to from here? This blame game is useless.

We can rant and rave about the ills which were visited upon us by Zanu PF, but that would not extricate us from the predicament we found ourselves in.

The noble call for teachers to resume work by Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, as the inclusive government try to put the country back on track cannot be ignored by anybody with brains in his skull. This is not the time for cheap point scoring. This is not the time for being negative. Zimbabwe needs no antagonists at the moment, but nation builders.

Let's rally behind the inclusive government and put back Zimbabwe on track. Let's sacrifice NOW for Zimbabwe. Grumbling and sabotaging will take us to a worse situation that what we are now. Raymond Majongwe seems to have missed it this time. Koworasika papi. (Where are you getting it wrong?) This Thomas Mapfumo impersonator must appreciate that we are in the same boat in the midst of an ocean and we will all go down if we fight. Bhora pasi Majongwe, pfavira ngoma usiku hurefu

Pachishona tinoti gore jena chirega kuvhaira unotoregwa ushe nedema.

He is behaving like a stray soldier, by continuing to be combative in the trenches even after an inclusive government is in place.

Tsvangirai came out supportive of the civil servants' cause and went a step further by offering them US$100 for now. This is equivalent to R1000. This offer is 1000 percent more than what the Mugabe government was giving civil servants.

Instead of expressing appreciation, Majongwe opted to be 'an instant hero' by being the first one to take spot-shots at Tsvangirai. Does Majongwe expect Tsvangirai to find "diesel in Chinhoyi" over night?

He even exhibited his poor monetary sense by demanding a monthly salary of US$2300 for teachers. Even South African teachers working for a government with a sound economy are not getting even half of that amount.

SA teachers get between R6 000 to R11 000 and college and university lecturers get between R12 000 and R18 000, way below what the belligerent Majongwe is craving for.

Medical doctors in South Africa hospitals are not even earning that. I am sure Majongwe is now failing to appreciate the value of money due to his easy access to enormous donor funding.

Zimbabwe brood cannot continue to take punches for crimes committed by Zanu PF. We expect Majongwe to understand this. Instead of working towards lessening the already dreadful situation in schools, Majongwe want to maintain his relevance/significance by eternally punishing kids in the name of fighting for better salaries for teachers. Majongwe is out of order. He needs to be over-ruled. We can't afford another day of schools closure. We can't afford to breed half baked graduates in these modem times, simply because VaMajongwe varamba kuti zvikoro zvivugwe.

I am alive to the fact that we are in a democracy, but Majongwe's destructive democracy would not benefit anybody.

Majongwe can't be allowed to continue holding our kids as sacrificial lambs. We can't as a nation forfeit the future of our offsprings to the altar for his expediency.

There is no reason which justifies starving kids of education. Not even one. Never.

Teaching is a calling, specifically to offer service and never a money making venture. One does not burn the whole house to get rid of a rat. Even if it is a snake.

Tongai Moyo aka Dhewa even echoed the same sentiment. He questioned if it was logical to sell the stadium simply because the soccer ball became deflated.

Maitiro ako awa chinja Majongwe…

"WHO IS ROY LESLIE BENNETT?" by Tambanavo Chamanyawi


by Tambanavo Chamanyawi (

Roy Leslie Bennett…! Who is Roy Bennett? What makes him tick?

He is currently a frequent visitor to most families across the globe as he gets featured prominently in most news bulletins following his spectacular arrest in Harare last Thursday

Bennett comes across as a black man trapped in a white man's body. He speaks fluent shona and has black African gesticulations.

Born 1957 to Charles Patrick Galway and Catherina Maria Bennett, Roy's childhood is typically of an African Zimbabwe child, roaming the countryside in Karoi with friends hunting and fishing in rivers and dams.

His dramatic conducts in life have always produced international headlines, in most cases for wrong reasons. Yes! This must be said.

He drops sharp shooting scenes faster than the rate at which a warplane drops missiles.

Of late his name has been filling acres and acres of newspapers pages world wide. Roy's face is almost a screen saver in most Television channels.

The Zanu PF Zealots pounced at a time when he was expecting to be sworn in as Zimbabwe's deputy minister of Agriculture. He is reportedly holed at Mutare police station where he is facing terrorism charges. I hope this does not sound like Pachedu's political obituary, because then man is not yet politically or physically dead.

What makes him a darling of the media?

The honest answer is that Roy is generous with action which attracts extreme hostility. To put it frankly the man is slapdash.

He does not even know how to trend on a tight rope. Soon after being briefed about his duties as deputy minister of Agriculture, Pachedu came out of the meeting to tell journalists that Zanu PF's chaotic land grabs would be reviewed by his ministry. This is despite the fact that his ministry has nothing to do with that since there is a separate ministry to deal with land distribution and resettlement.

The former coffee farmer is an extremist of the first grade. With Bennett one is either his pal or an adversary. In his world there is nothing like being moderate. If one is his pal, you will get the best of Roy, but upon failure to dance to his tune, one is guaranteed to get the worst of him. The man knows how to kick ruckus, which in most cases takes toll on him. You can easily become Roy's friend in as much as you can be his enemy very fast. Quick, quick!

The former colonial police officer whose popularity was only limited to Chimanimani until 2000 after snatching the Chimanimani parliamentary seat, is a no new comer to hullabaloo.

After serving as a Zanu PF councilor for years, he attempted to contest Zanu PF parliamentary primary elections in 2000 but was barred by his political superiors by then, 'for having the wrong skin colour.'

He immediately jumped ship and successfully contested the 2000 elections on an MDC ticket, inflicting a heavy embarrassing smack on the face of Zanu PF. This was during the sensitive period when Zanu PF was demonizing whites in the 2000 election campaigns. Bennett's victory drew Zanu PF's wrath and was never forgiven until today.

As Zanu PF was still licking wounds after the Chimanimani bruising defeat, Bennett was on them again. He tossed Zanu PF's marks-man, Patrick Chinamasa to the ground in Parliament leaving a vinegary taste in the mouths of Zanu PF Pharisees. His colleagues had to hold him back as the MDC funnyman klutzily continued charging at Chinamasa like a disturbed Hippopotamus.

He then grabbed the collar of Chinamasa's shirt and wrestled him to the floor. This was Bennett unlimited! He then tried unsuccessfully to punch Zanu PF's Didymus Mutasa who responded by kicking him. Other MPs then took out guns and threatened to start shooting if they did not stop fighting. The Sergeant at Arms escorted Bennett out of the chamber.

This brought him a one year jail term which was controversially slapped on him by Zanu PF's kangaroo parliamentary court. Imagine, the man spent time in jail without facing any magistrate or judge. It's rare, if not vague isn't?

All Zanu PF had to do was to dust off a colonial piece of legislature from the shelves and used it to chastise Roy, much to the amazement of everyone.

He lost his parliamentary seat while serving a prison sentence.

Bennett completed his sentence on June 28 and after his released from Chikurubi Prison where he spent eight months of his twelve-month sentence in custody, he denounced prison conditions generally in a press," The inhumanity with which the prisoners are treated and their total lack of recourse to any representation or justice combined with the filth and stench of daily life is something I will never forget and I will not rest until their conditions are improved."

During a separate press conference after completing his sentence, Bennett, took aim at his party boss, Morgan Tsvangirai but missed. He openly criticized him for allegedly surrounding himself with moderate advisors. He fell short of questioning Tsvangirai's judgments. Imagine that the man could not even realize that Tsvangirai is to Zimbabwe what Nelson Mandela is to South Africa. It is fact that Tsvangirai is trusted and loved so much by Zimbabweans.

In no time he was in trouble with Zanu PF again. They accused him of planning to topple Robert Mugabe's government through a military uprising. He fled to South Africa, only to return back three years later. Instead of being ushered into a spacious ministerial office and mansion, Pachedu was shoved into detention cells at Mutare police station. At a time when Roy expected to be nurtured by security details and aides, he was instead handcuffed and thrown at the back of a Santana.

Roy's life is full of irony. His stay in Johannesburg was not a bed of roses. He clashed with everyone, left, right, centre, backwards and forwards He is not even in talking terms with anybody in MDC's external structures in South Afruca. "Moita politics dzechi-boy" loosely translated as you are practicing primitive politics," the motor mouthed Bennett would tell his colleagues based in SA.

As the Treasurer of the party, he did very little if not nothing to help his desperate comrades who had fled persecution in Zimbabwe. He snubbed MDC loyalists, much to the annoyance of other comrades toiling in South Africa. Tsvangirai's bodyguard-in-chief, Musekiwa Mhukahuru, died a lonely and painful death in a filthy one room in Tembisa town-ship (South Africa) after Roy closed his purse on him.

A celebrated MDC martyr Tandare's widow was also sent back empty handed by Roy when she approached him for financial assistance.

Bennett recently took another aim at his tolerate boss, Tsvangirai for agreeing to go in an inclusive government, but was cut down to size by the party's national council which okayed Morgan's vision.

Now the man who is loved and hated most by his colleagues is behind bars. Most MDC supporters staying in South Africa have threatened to boycott a demonstration being organized in Pretoria to put pressure on SADC to demand his release. Only a handful of his blue-eyed boys who he showered with cash during his stay in South Africa are expected to hit the street.


Dear Rev.Hove

Please find here pictures taken this morning at The Dedication Service for The New Zimbabwean Prime Minister at Mabelreign Methodist Church In Zimbabwe.

Please pray for our New Zimbabwe.

Bongwi The Great (11 Feb 2009)(